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Employment Type
Annual Income Including Ten Thousand Yen
Full-time Employee


Walkers Inc.
Weekends & Holidays Off
Inexperienced OK
Overseas Business Trips Available
Application Development Engineer wanted! You can also be involved in in-house development!
In Asia, we have already established subsidiaries in Vietnam and Myanmar,
In the current fiscal year, we are fully commencing business development in Northern Europe with the aim of further globalization.

Job details

We are looking for no-code engineers who will pursue end-user satisfaction and create products that provide a pleasant experience!

The average project duration is 3-4 months, and you will be working in a team of 3-4 people, including a project manager and designer.

We are especially looking for engineers who can demonstrate their abilities, but we also welcome those who can fulfill the role of project manager!

We utilize a wide range of tools from no-code tools to programming languages, actively adopting new technologies and challenging ourselves to develop high-quality products.

Required experience & skills

- Knowledgeable in system design.
- Have at least 2 development projects in Bubble
- Good at front-end as well as back-end implementation
- Good at reproducing designs faithfully
- Experience with any of the following tools
Bubble / FlutterFlow / Shopify
- Experience with Slack and Notion.
Employment Type
Full-time Employee
Work Location
Language Skills
IT Skills
3.5-5.5 million yen per year